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Each household may bring up to 4 guests to the pool at one time with an adult member present (18 or older).


Members 14 -17 years old with a valid pass may bring in 1 guest at a time. 


Please keep in mind, if you have a child on the swim team and they will be remaining at the pool after practice, they will need to be supervised by an adult. Also, any swimmers that are 12 and over that stay past their scheduled practice, will need to have their own Key Fob. Please visit or contact the Management Office if a key fob needs to be issued.







Onceagain, it's time to remind all of our residents to pick up after your dogs. Petowners are leaving feces on the ground, disposing of feces in their neighbor's trash cans, and even leaving bags of feces sitting next to dog stations. If you have made the commitment to own a pet, then it is your responsibility to clean up their waste

Besides being a nuisance, it's unsanitary and inconsiderate to leave your dog's waste for someone else to clean up. Feces attract insects, rodents, and wildlife, creates odors, and can even contaminate our ground water. 

Cleaning up after your pet is not only the “right thing to do”, it’s the law. The City of Rockville and Montgomery County have laws pertaining to this and you may be penalized if someone reports you. See Rockville City Code General Ordinances Sec. 3-22 and Montgomery County Code, Sec. 5-203(a)(2)



City of Rockville provides Bulk Refuse and metal recycling collections for items that do not fit into a trash container.

Rockville provides special bulk waste collections by appointment only by calling 240-314-8568. Alternatively, you can drop off bulk waste at the Montgomery County Transfer Station.


Tips for Collection:

A collection must be scheduled before it can be picked up.

Place items at the curb by 6 a.m. or the night before collection date in an unobstructed area that is away from parked cars, tree limbs, fire hydrants and overhead wires. 

Collections are limited to items less than 500 pounds and 60 cubic feet.

Limited to six special bulk waste collections per household each calendar year.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in maintaining King Farm as a beautiful community in which to live.  Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions or concerns at 301-987-0122 or via email at







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